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Starting a personal blog is a way to share your ideas with a far greater audience than simply your friends. You can piggyback off of the trending hashtags you see next to your Twitter feed, or you can easily search for popular ones people are using to share related content in your niche. Most people especially the beginners never make even $100 from the blogs because of one reason they lack clarity and the lack vision.

Once you have a topic it's time to choose your blog name. Our soon-to-be released data about how often to post on social media analyzes 10 of the top posts on the topic, and even includes our own custom data. This way, if someone clicks on your hashtag, they'll only see your related content and will keep exploring the blog posts you share on Pinterest.

The top bloggers in the world obviously earn quite a bit, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly. Take the work you put into blog promotion tactic #98 to determine which blog posts to optimize with video first, then simply record yourself talking through the big points of the posts themselves.

I wish I had half of this information when I started my blog. Scan the top ten posts on Google for your topic, make note of the content and information those posts include, and then make your post as comprehensive as you possibly can. You would be able to move all your content from BlogSpot to self hosted WordPress.

I am a new Blogger and I create my blog on Blogger, Please Sir Suggest me can I need any hosting site for my blog. Audience: People who want to start blogging, especially about technical topics, but haven't done it yet. Most bloggers quit in less than a year because they weren't making money during that time.

Abby had been blogging for a year and half and had grown a successful blog with hundreds of thousands of page views every month before she started teaching others how to do the same. Today's post is all about choosing a niche for your blog and why it's truly the most important thing you'll do for yourself, your blog, and your audience.

In the past, we've built relationships with other companies through content trades (we'll write a blog post for you if you write one for us) so we keep up with the consistency on our blog while also getting exposed to new readers. You could also opt in to a more formal agreement by paying to reach an audience (sometimes called native advertising).

Here are 9 BIG reasons why no one is reading your blog and how you can fix them to increase your traffic, money, happiness, and sanity. So even if your social media marketing game is on point, a slow blog could be costing your company thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

Much like Facebook ads, sponsored content offers a way for you to micro-target your audience and boost the posts you've already shared on LinkedIn. He writes a lot of practical investing-focused personal finance articles, with a focus around diversification, reducing expenses and fees, and ignoring the media…funny coming from a blogger, but very valid none-the-less.

Great analysis of blogging as a profession, and really motivational for aspiring bloggers. Hashtags : If you're thinking of connecting with folks via social media, you could take a look at the main keywords you used throughout your post as hashtags on the major social networks.

I make a full-time income blogging. Thankfully, Medium makes it relatively easy to export your posts, but you do have to jump through a few hoops importing them into WordPress. PayU2Blog is another alternative for getting paid to write blog posts on your site.

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